Christmas is getting closer, if you do not have too much time to prepare or would like to try something different, we offer specialties of our French cuisine. This year we will prepare various cakes, tarts, cheesecakes, quiche and pates, All homemade Below is a list with prices. Tarts, quiche cheesecakes have a diameter of 26 cm, 8-10 pieces and pates weigh about 1 kg. We also recommend our homemade specialties in jars. We accept orders by phone 664 571 888 or by e-mail until December 20, collection on December 22-24.

Sweet tarts, cheesecakes and cakes, all PLN 85 each (8-10 pieces 26cm diameter)
1. Lemon tart with almonds and italian meringue
2. Chocolate tart with a hint of coffee and orange
3. Poppy seed tart with raisins and honey
4. Halva tart
5. Tart mocha with white chocolate and coffee
6. Lime tart with cream patissiere and fresh fruit
7. White Chocolate Tart with Advocate and Roasted Almonds
8. Plum tart, dark chocolate, crumbs
9. Orange tart and italian merengue
10. Apple pie on a crispy base with cinnamon
11. Gingerbread with plum jam, cocoa glaze and almond flakes
12. Cheesecake on a crispy base with walnuts and caramel
13. Cheesecake with roasted butter, salty caramel and peanuts
14. Cheesecake on a crispy base with mango mousse
15. Cheesecake on a crispy base with passion fruit mousse
16. Vanilla cheesecake with cocoa glaze and almond flakes
17. Honey cake with vanilla cream, butterscotch and almond flakes
18. Carrot cake with vanilla cream, cinnamon and walnuts

19. Parisian beef pate with plums and pistachios 1 kg 80 PLN 0.5 kg 50 PLN
20. Wild boar pate 1 kg 90 PLN 0.5 kg 60 PLN
21. Pork pate 1 kg 70 PLN 0.5
22. Lentil pate with plum (VEG) 1 kg 50 PLN 0.5 kg 30 PLN

French quiches all PLN 90
23. Quiche Pear with pear, blue cheese, and walnuts
24. Quiche Salmon with smoked salmon, sheep cheese, and spinach
25. Quiche Prosciutto ham with Parma ham, olives, and arugula
26. Beetroot quiche with baked beetroot, goat cheese, and pumpkin seeds
27. Vegetable quiche with eggplant, pepper, courgette, and sheep cheese
28. Quiche Lorraine with smoked bacon, onion, and emmentaler cheese
29. Quiche Mushroom with wild mushroom and emmentaler cheese

Homemade jars
30. Duck rillette 34 PLN
31. Pork rillette 29 PLN
32. Red onion jam 19 PLN
33. Vinaigrette sauce 19 PLN
34. Figs in red wine 19 PLN
35. Duck pate 25 PLN